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Roy amiibo – Japan Import (Super Smash

Prototype production: Jun Hosonosuke (RESTORE) “Avengers MARVEL NOW!” Series which Kotobukiya developed in 2014 and gained popularity. A new series “X-MEN All Stars MARVEL NOW!” Using this format will start in 2015! Mr. Ady Granov who is an up-and-coming artist who continues to concept art from the Avengers series served as master prototype Mr. Junnosuke Abe. This unified scale collection by this strongest tag expands further. Its dawn is imprisoned as a terrorist triggered by the incident of himself runaway, but the cyclopes of anger who regained not to endure the persistence of the mutant still still! A new costume with a mask with a symbolic “X” mark shaped is the world’s first collectible figure. It is a simple anti-hero with a dark coloring costume with unique redness that is not black, wrapping the flesh out of the rhythm, and it seems to be releasing optic blasts any time soon! While modeling on a scale of 1/10 scale, what kind of modeling was reproduced by stuffing information quantity such as accessories and utility belts to wear?

Character figure connected to the game, “amiibo”, in addition to enjoying by actually touching and looking down.
With software compatible with amiibo, it appeared as a player or got a special item.
One amiibo leads to various experiences and various play in various games.
Wii U on Wii U GamePad, New Nintendo 3DS on the bottom screen. If it is compatible software, you can connect to the game by touching both amiibo.


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